How Should I Write My About Section on LinkedIn?

Posted On Nov 22, 2023 |

Does your profile speak to your potential customer? In my blog, I share my thoughts on improving your LinkedIn™️ About Section to make people read it.

When we talk LinkedIn™️, where professionals connect and there are countless opportunities, your About Section serves as a critical first impression. 

But what makes an About section effective? 

Should it be a showcase of qualifications or a compelling sales pitch? 

The Challenge:

I was asked a great question by a friend who's working with a Sales Coach.

Here is was she said

"My friend is an excellent salesman and is coaching me. He insists that the About section should be used as a sales page rather than writing about me."

What do you think?

Should the About section be a traditional self-focused introduction or a persuasive sales page? 

My thinking is that we should be writing to our prospective client to help them with their problems and not as a bio about how fantastic you are.

The Sales Perspective:

I reckon that potential connections on LinkedIn™️ are more interested in the value and results you can provide rather than a laundry list of qualifications. Do you really care if an accountant has a certain qualification, or a Fitness Coach runs 10 Marathons a year?

You want to know that the accountant is going to keep you complaint and fitness coach gets you fit. And that they understand the issues that you are having.

In compiling my reply to my friend I checked out three random LinkedIn™️ profiles and they all talked about how brilliant they were.

I scrolled on past.  Do you do the same?

If you talk about the pain points you'll find that people will resonate more with you because you are showing that you understand where they are and by dempstrating this aspect they'll assume that you can help them with their problems.

The key thing is to focus on the viewer's perspective. Instead of inundating the About section with qualifications, come up with three killer questions that address the audience's needs. The About section becomes a teaser, enticing viewers to click "See more" to learn how the profile owner can provide solutions.

When you get deeper into the About Section consider sharing your knowledge to give you credence and even allude tot he recommendation section where you have your testimonials.  The recommendation section becomes a powerful tool for building credibility and trust among potential clients or partners.


In the competitive landscape of LinkedIn™️, your About section is a crucial tool for making a memorable impression. By shifting the focus from self-promotion to addressing the needs of your audience your About section then becomes a gateway to showcasing not just who you are but how you can make a difference for those who choose to connect with you.

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