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Posted On Feb 12, 2024 |

If you struggle with content, then read this blog for more ideas and inspiration to help you be creative on LinkedIn™️, Instagram and Facebook.

How are you getting on with your content? Are you finding time to create content? Or is this the one thing that you still haven't got around to doing?

Content is all about consistency and managing something sustainable. This is why I suggest to start with just one post a week.

Don't overthink it.

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Here are my 5 ideas for you this week

By creating content you'll get noticed. Maybe not overnight, but people will start to see what you do and register you in their minds for when they need your service or have a friend who needs your service.

Become the expert!!

Unsubscribe from emails. Hey, BUT not this one 😂
What do you do with all the darn emails that you get? Do you read them all? Do you file them away for a read later in the week? You've signed up for them, but what now? Are some just full of useful information (hopefully this Monday Nudge falls into that bracket) or do others mix information with a plan to get you to buy their stuff or subscribe? How long do you keep the email coming in before you unsubscribe? I've seen a few posts recently saying about unsubscribing. Share your email hacks!

Hot Beverages
Do you start your day with a caffeine fix? A big pot of tea like me or do you need coffee? But what about all those other amazing hot beverages? Who still drinks Bovril? Any suggestions for some alternatives? Try a poll for your favourite coffee, is it a Latte or a flat white, or does it need to be a big strong Americano? Do you work better with coffee, do you use the tea break as a reward once you've finished a specific task?

Brew Monday
This is the perfect excuse to check in on a neighbour and cheer them up. Make sure they are ok. Or maybe pick up the phone to a friend you've not spoken to in a while over a virtual coffee. Rather than talk about Blue Monday, make us happier and catch up with someone for a chat and a brew. Do you get involved with any local charities for the lonely? January can be tough, especially since it's so dark and cold. Get the kettle on!

Energy Saving Week
Did you know that there was such a thing? Not easy to do when it's so cold eh. 😂  But what things do you do to conserve energy? Do you wear two pairs of socks to save on heating or do you just turn it down a notch? What about the humble Slow Cooker for those lovely stews and casseroles? (what's the difference between a stew and a casserole?). Do you have insulation up to date and how about LED bulbs? What savings have you made in your office or business and share these ideas with us.

No Phones at Home Day
Can you have a no-phone day? Have you noticed that you spend too much time on your device? I do. 🤦‍♂️ This is a national day. So talk about how you have had a digital detox. Do you look at your usage app to see how long you are scrolling each day?

See you next Monday, but if you get stuck or need a hand reach out to me on LinkedIn™️

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