Brand Building - Key strategies to amplify your brand's impact to expand your professional network

Grow your brand and network with actionable strategies in this transformative workshop. Delivered over Zoom.

Ben Westerby

Westerby Consultancy

My followers have doubled and I have won work from LinkedIn after working with Ashley, so I would definitely recommend him. In fact I have! Ashley is such a positive influence and is always smiling and bringing lots of energy to the meetings we have, which always brightened my day.

Course Summary

Unlock the full potential of your personal and business brand with my latest workshop.

I have designed it to elevate your presence and expand your professional network.   Just like I have done. But I'm here to hold your hand and make it easy

Each lesson will take you through my program of theory coupled with practical, actionable strategies.  All done to make you stand out in a crowded market. I'll be sharing my secrets to crafting a compelling brand identity, mastering your messaging and connecting authentically with your audience. Whether you're an entrepreneur, coach, or creative professional, this workshop is your solution to becoming a recognized authority in your field.

Gain hands-on experience with real-world applications, ensuring you leave with not just knowledge, but the tools and confidence to apply it immediately. From enhancing your digital footprint on platforms like LinkedIn™️ to leveraging your unique talents as a speaker, podcaster, or musician, I'll guide you through optimizing every aspect of your brand. Expect to walk away with a clear action plan that aligns with your goals, increased visibility for your brand, and a network of like-minded professionals ready to support and collaborate. Transform your brand into a magnet for opportunities and growth with our comprehensive workshop.

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Course Curriculum

Ashley Leeds

I'm the 15-minute guy! Getting you loving LinkedIn in just 15 Minutes a day! Or your money BACK.  

?   Do you lack confidence when you try to put yourself out there on social media?
?   Do you struggle with what to do on LinkedIn?
?   Do you feel like an imposter?

Don't worry we all do. 

It's our brain's natural defence mechanism for when we used to live with sabre-toothed tigers. I know this because I have been studying neuroscience and this has helped me to put my own brain in order.

Luckily the tigers have all gone, but our brain has not caught up and we see social media as today's version of the tiger!

For the past 16 years, I have been working with business owners and empowering them to grow their businesses. Since 2018, I have shifted my focus to coaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them on their journey to achieve growth and overcome challenges related to confidence and imposter syndrome.  I pivoted in 2021 to becoming a LinkedIn™️ Trainer which is now 95% of my business focus.

I have a positive outlook on life and in just 5 minutes with me, you'll be feeling lighter and you'll be smiling too! My clients love working with me and many of my testimonials talk of how I have given people the confidence to just go for it.

Because of what happened to me during the Pandemic of 2020 I am now a different person and as such even started my own company after 40 years of employment and 30 different jobs within different careers.

I know a thing or two about change and adapting and also the struggles with confidence, self-belief and imposter syndrome. I also have a different slant on how to make LinkedIn work for you.

I love to have a natter and enjoy nothing more than meeting new people and hearing their stories too. These chats can lead to all kinds of exciting things and in my new business, I am finding that I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Because of this, I am having so much fun doing this and helping others to get more from their own businesses too.

Book a call and let's have that chat.

Course Pricing

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