LinkedIn Coastal Mastermind - Thursday 30 May - Exclusive LinkedIn™️ Training

Elevate your LinkedIn presence with the intimate, luxury retreat that transforms your profile and strategy with hands-on coaching and support. 30 May

Ashley Leeds

15-Minute Guy 

Here's why I've come up with this new training

I want to do something different. Something stand out.  Something memorable.
So what better than to be able to spend the whole day working on your LinkedIn™️ Strategy in a fantastic location away from the hustle and bustle?

I will share everything that I know and help you with all the creative features of LinkedIn™️.  I'll hold you hand, create banners and we'll even craft your about section and take some photos for your profile and content plans.

Rather than 15 minutes each day with homework, we'll do it all in a day and I've even planned in some extra sessions to keep you accountable and help you when you get back to base.

I'm not going to love you and leave you.  I want you to love LinkedIn™️ and start growing your personal brand.

Claire Evans

Cashflow Planner

I can't quite believe that Ashley has cracked it, I've had so many hours of "experts" time trying to get my groove on with Linkedin but nothing stuck...until NOW!  

I am a total Linkedin convert in ONE week, it's incredible and the hints and tips are simple and that's why it works. 

Ashley's enthusiasm is infectious and the cost was a no-brainer.  

But it was his delivery that was the key to making this workshop not only informative but also lots of fun. I love LinkedIn now and to prove the point I no longer scroll on Facebook, I scroll on Linkedin.  

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Ashley as a coach.

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    All my knowledge in one day. In a Luxury Location. With Done for your services

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What is the LinkedIn™️ Coastal Mastermind?

Immerse yourself in an exclusive one-day journey at the picturesque Harbour Hotel Sidmouth, where professional growth and seaside tranquility converge to create an unparalleled LinkedIn mastery experience.

Limited to just four delegates, this hands-on workshop is designed not just to educate but to transform your LinkedIn presence, ensuring you leave with knowledge and strategy.  PLUS a fully optimized profile that stands out in the digital crowd.  

Morning Session: Deep Dive into LinkedIn Essentials
Your day begins with a warm welcome in a setting that combines luxury with inspiration: the Harbour Hotel Sidmouth, perched on a hillside with sweeping views of Lyme Bay and the majestic Jurassic Coast. As you savor freshly brewed coffee and a selection of gourmet pastries, you'll engage in a deep dive into the essentials of LinkedIn.

With personalized attention, you'll embark on crafting a captivating LinkedIn banner and brainstorming headline ideas that encapsulate your professional essence. This session is dedicated to ensuring your digital first impression is as impactful as your in-person one.  

Lunchtime: A Blend of Learning and Luxury
As morning turns to afternoon, you'll be treated to a sumptuous lunch in the hotel’s acclaimed in-house restaurant, known for its casual elegance and locally sourced seafood delights. This is more than a meal; it's an opportunity to network with fellow delegates, discuss insights, and share aspirations in a relaxed, elegant setting.  

Afternoon Session: Profile Perfection.
After lunch and walk across the seafront the focus shifts to fine-tuning your 'About' section and optimizing your Featured content, ensuring every aspect of your profile tells a compelling story of your professional journey.

I will also be sharing all the content, strategy and framework from my normal workshops and we'll be doing a deep dive into content including a strategy plan for you to take away to help you create content when you return to work.

Why This Experience?  
Exclusive Access:
Limited to just four participants, this workshop guarantees personalized guidance from LinkedIn expert Ashley Leeds, ensuring your profile receives the attention it deserves.

Comprehensive Transformation:
Beyond just learning, you will actively enhance your LinkedIn presence, leaving the workshop with a profile that attracts the right connections and opportunities.

Luxurious Setting:
The Harbour Hotel Sidmouth offers a backdrop of natural beauty and luxury, making for an unforgettable experience that blends professional development with relaxation.

Networking Opportunities:
Connect with like-minded professionals in an intimate setting, fostering relationships that go beyond the workshop.

Outcome You will leave not just with a transformed LinkedIn profile but with a renewed sense of purpose and strategy for leveraging LinkedIn for your professional growth. This unique blend of expert-led learning, luxury, and natural beauty ensures an experience that is both productive and memorable.  

Secure your spot in this premium workshop and experience the transformative power of LinkedIn at the exquisite Harbour Hotel Sidmouth, where professional development meets coastal tranquility.

Extra Bonus

On completion of the LinkedIn™️ Coastal Mastermind we'll meet virtually for four weekly zoom sessions to give follow up help and advice.  These simple sessions will enable us to all consolidate our learning and help with the accountability.  Dates to be confirmed whilst on the Mastermind.

Course Curriculum

  • LinkedIn Coastal Mastermind - Hands on Workshop


    All my knowledge in one day. In a Luxury Location. With Done for your services

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Ashley Leeds

I'm the 15-minute guy! Getting you loving LinkedIn in just 15 Minutes a day! Or your money BACK.  

?   Do you lack confidence when you try to put yourself out there on social media?
?   Do you struggle with what to do on LinkedIn?
?   Do you feel like an imposter?

Don't worry we all do. 

It's our brain's natural defence mechanism for when we used to live with sabre-toothed tigers. I know this because I have been studying neuroscience and this has helped me to put my own brain in order.

Luckily the tigers have all gone, but our brain has not caught up and we see social media as today's version of the tiger!

For the past 16 years, I have been working with business owners and empowering them to grow their businesses. Since 2018, I have shifted my focus to coaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them on their journey to achieve growth and overcome challenges related to confidence and imposter syndrome.  I pivoted in 2021 to becoming a LinkedIn™️ Trainer which is now 95% of my business focus.

I have a positive outlook on life and in just 5 minutes with me, you'll be feeling lighter and you'll be smiling too! My clients love working with me and many of my testimonials talk of how I have given people the confidence to just go for it.

Because of what happened to me during the Pandemic of 2020 I am now a different person and as such even started my own company after 40 years of employment and 30 different jobs within different careers.

I know a thing or two about change and adapting and also the struggles with confidence, self-belief and imposter syndrome. I also have a different slant on how to make LinkedIn work for you.

I love to have a natter and enjoy nothing more than meeting new people and hearing their stories too. These chats can lead to all kinds of exciting things and in my new business, I am finding that I can do whatever I like whenever I like. Because of this, I am having so much fun doing this and helping others to get more from their own businesses too.

Book a call and let's have that chat.

Leigh Stallard  

The Editing Guy

I wanted to improve my results from LinkedIn, so I joined Ashley's Daily LinkedIn Workshop.  Each day was packed with incredibly useful tips, guidance and wisdom - it's hard to believe it fit into just 15 minutes each day.   

It was a tiny time-commitment, but the actions I took, based on Ashley's guidance, made a noticeable difference in the engagement I started seeing on LinkedIn.  

The improvements I saw were in follower numbers, profile views and post engagement - and, of course, new connections that have led to business appointments.  

Furthermore - Ashley has continued to be a huge support and inspiration to me in the weeks following the course, selflessly giving his time and expertise to support me.  

I'm hugely appreciative and can thoroughly recommend Ashley to anyone looking to improve their LinkedIn results OR think differently about their business.

  • LinkedIn Coastal Mastermind - Hands on Workshop


    All my knowledge in one day. In a Luxury Location. With Done for your services

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